Menu Path: Dashboard -> Affiliates -> Affiliates

Know your Affiliates

Affiliate data is broken down by affiliate type, affiliate category, and affiliate status. Use the Affiliates Screen to apply different filters and check the counts and names of the affiliates to confirm the data is clean and ready for billing.

Who are we billing?

The first step in sending membership renewal to affiliates is to isolate the group who should be invited to renew the membership.

Group all affiliates into one of two affiliate types, MEMBERS or NONMEMBERS. Most associations will send a membership renewal invite to both members and nonmembers.

Affiliate Category and Membership Products are mapped to each other. This mapping is critical to ensure affiliates are billed for the right membership type. The system will NOT allow affiliates to have orders for incorrect membership type since affiliate category and membership product are tied to each other.

Any affiliates whose paid through date is in the past and have not paid the current year membership should be marked as NONMEMBERS with 

affiliate status INACTIVE. Some associations have even considered changing their affiliate category to PAST MEMBERS. See below for more details.


Menu Path: Dashboard -> Affiliates -> Orders

Does everyone have an open order?

Membership billing documents (invoices) are created on recurring membership orders. So it is important that all MEMBERS and NONMEMBERS have an open order if a billing document needs to be issued.

Typically orders are created when affiliates are created. Orders are updated automatically when affiliate category is changed. If anyone is missing an order, then create an order for the affiliate in the Orders tab in the affiliate display screen.

Old Billing Documents

Menu Path: Dashboard -> Affiliates -> Billing Docs

Start Fresh

Every year there will most likely be some unpaid billing documents that will be left over from previous year’s membership billing process. When the membership year is coming to an end and preparation has started for next year’s billing process please consider deleting all unpaid billing documents. Old billing documents can be isolated using 'Billing Document Year' filter in Billing Docs screen. Selected billing documents can be deleted from the system by clicking on the 'Delete Billing Documents' button on the top right of the screen.

Updates to Affiliate Records

Before deleting the billing document there is an opportunity to do some affiliates data clean up. The affiliates with unpaid billing documents can be set to affiliate status INACTIVE. This can be completed by using the 'Mark Affiliates Inactive' button at the top of the screen.