Start with Orders

Menu Path: Dashboard -> Affiliates -> Orders/Create Billing

Billing documents (Invoices) are created for membership dues based on the orders. All membership orders are considered recurring documents and are kept open for annual billing cycles.

The “Orders/Create Billing” screen uses filters to analyze and confirm that the order counts and names match the right group of affiliates tracked in various affiliate types, affiliate status and affiliate categories.

If orders are missing they can be created in an individual’s affiliate profile under the “Orders” tab.

Select Billing Year

It is very critical to check the “Create Billing Documents for Year Ending” value on the top of the screen to ensure the billing documents issued are for the correct financial year.

Create Billing Documents.

Once the orders are verified and ready to be invoiced, list all the orders and use the select all option on the checkbox to select all orders. Use the “Create Billing Document” button to issue the billing document for all selected orders.

Note: The create billing documents button will be disabled in below scenarios.

  • Cancelled orders are listed. Use Status filter to show only OPEN orders.

  • Orders with ZERO dollars are listed. Use “Exclude Orders with Zero Amount” checkbox to hide the orders with ZERO amount.

  • In the Orders filter section, you can use "Exclude orders with billing doc" checkbox to hide orders that are already invoiced/billed.

  • In the Orders filter section, you can use "Auto-renewal Enabled Orders" checkbox to see all orders isolate orders that have the ARB (Automated Recurring Billing) option enabled by affiliates.

Note: screenshots attached