Merge Duplicate Affiliate Records:

It is common to for associations to deal with duplicate records for an individual in the system. The system may have duplicate affiliate records for multiple reasons. Common reasons are:

  • Affiliate registered with the system with different email address at different point in time.

  • Duplicate records were imported during data migration.

  • Affiliate already in the system during data migration but also registered with new email address at a later point.

Menu Path: Dashboard -> Affiliates -> Utilities -> Merge Affiliate

The merge affiliate screen under utilities handles two affiliate records at a time. Search for duplicate records using Email Address, First Name, Last Name, or Affiliate ID.

  • Select the first record in the left column and the second record in the right column. Once the two records are loaded on the screen validate that the two affiliate IDs on the top row are different.

  • In reviewing the data decide which column is expected to be the source and which column is expected to be the target. The data will be copied from the source to the target during the merge. Select the fields from the source to be transferred to the target.

  • Once the fields with good data have been selected, click the merge button on the top right of the screen.

At this point, the selected fields from the source have been copied to the target and the source affiliate record has been permanently deleted from the DB. Merge complete.