In order to capture reviewer scores, the reviewers must be assigned to submissions. To make these assignments, complete the following steps:


  • The review committee must be established. Click here for details

  • Reviewer preferences must be captured if automatic reviewer assignment will be used. Click here for details

Maintain Conference Planner settings

Menu Path: Dashboard > Conference Planner > Reviews

  • Under the 'Reviewer Options' header, enter the number of persons who should review each submission

Assign Reviewers

Menu Path: Dashboard > Reviews > Assign Reviewers

There are two options for assigning reviewers:

Automatically assign reviewers

  • Select one or more submission types in the filter section at the top of the screen

  • Click on the yellow “Action” button on the type right and select “Propose Assignments”

  • Reviewers will be automatically assigned to submissions based on their preferred review categories

Manually assign reviewers

  • Select one of more submission types in the filter section at the top of the screen

  • Manually assign reviewers to submissions. This is done by selecting reviewers from the drop-downs next to each submission. Manual reviewer assignment can be done instead of automatic reviewer assignment, or to refine the automatic assignment results


Once a review has been submitted (for a given submission type), then the 'Propose Assignments' button becomes inactive. This prevents the inadvertent re-assignment of reviews. You can delete test reviews in the iReviews screens, which will allow you to re-initiate the automatic proposal process.

The system will not permit a reviewer to be assigned to a submission, if a.) they are listed as a participant on the submission, or b.) they share an affiliation with one of the participants on the submission.

If you have a spreadsheet of reviewer assignment to be uploaded, please log a FreshService ticket for this request.