Affiliate starts registering for a meeting and notices the fee is higher than what they should pay for their affiliate category.

When a meeting registration started an order, a billing record and a registration record are created. If the affiliate feels like they should be paying a lower fee or different fee then it is most likely because their affiliate category is not correct on their profile.

Menu Path: Meetings Module

Step 1: In the Meetings Module, find and open the desired meeting. The Attendee List is the default view when opening a meeting once the registration has started. Select the registration record by checking the box on the left, then click the yellow Delete button in the top right to delete the registration. The delete button is enabled only if the registration record is in 'Billed' status. Paid registrations cannot be deleted. Deleting the registration record will delete related order, billing and registration records for that affiliate(s).

Menu Path: Affiliates Module > Affiliate Profile

Step2: Open the affiliate’s profile, then click the yellow Edit Profile button and change the affiliate type, affiliate category, and affiliate status as needed. We also recommend you verify their membership paid through date. These attributes are critical to calculate their meeting registration fee.

Step3: Notify affiliate to restart the meeting registration. With their affiliate category changed they will see the revised registration fee.